Venetian Song Kay Nolte Smith

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Venetian Song  by  Kay Nolte Smith

Venetian Song by Kay Nolte Smith
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I really enjoyed this one. I do have a complaint about the style. Ever since reading a review of the authors A Tale of the Wind on Amazon pointing it out, I find it impossible not to notice Smiths over-fondness for the simile. I cant help but feel it would be a stronger book if just about every phrase tacked on with a like or as were ruthlessly cut away. Yet despite that stylistic tic, I cant help but be fond of this story. The author was herself an actress, and that experience, and obviously meticulous historical research, shows in the way she brings alive her tale of a troupe of players in sixteenth century Venice.

But more than setting and plot, what has always shined to me in Smiths books are her characters and her way of making you care about them. In particular Susanna Bardi. Born into a noble merchant house, she was scarred as a child and as a young woman forced into an unbearable marriage. She runs away from her husband and is found on the streets by a member of the players and taken in, and the way she changes as a result of her time with them is wonderful to see.I loved Smiths other work of historical fiction, A Tale of the Wind, set in nineteenth century France even more--I think it a richer tale.

But this is nevertheless a diverting, enjoyable novel for those who love historical fiction blended with romance.

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