Epowerment: Achieving Empowerment in the E World Izzy S. Justice

ISBN: 9781450225113

Published: April 28th 2010


220 pages


Epowerment: Achieving Empowerment in the E World  by  Izzy S. Justice

Epowerment: Achieving Empowerment in the E World by Izzy S. Justice
April 28th 2010 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 220 pages | ISBN: 9781450225113 | 6.12 Mb

At no time in history has the corporate world been more ready for achieving empowerment within the workplace. The corporate world has changed, and leaders need to adjust. In EPowerment, author Dr. Izzy Justice explores empowerment in the context of the changing world and provides a powerful and simple roadmap to achieving empowerment. A collage of researched data, case studies, and interviews from more than forty organizations and leaders from all over the world, EPowerment explores why the present generations are more capable of reaching their potential than any other in history.

It introduces the new business term EPowerment-an amalgam of empowerment, high emotional intelligence (EQ), and harnessing the power of the E World. It underscores how collective human knowledge is becoming easier to access and details how it will become freely available. EPowerment shows how, in this decade, managers or leaders need not reinvent the wheel, duplicate mistakes, or not leverage lessons learned. Empowerment should be the top priority of all organizations because managers can access new people, new communities of people, and infinite resources of knowledge to make better decisions-the centerpiece of high performance-in truly unprecedented ways.

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