Travellers Handbook (Traveller 20) Martin J. Dougherty

ISBN: 9781558782174

Published: October 7th 2002


464 pages


Travellers Handbook (Traveller 20)  by  Martin J. Dougherty

Travellers Handbook (Traveller 20) by Martin J. Dougherty
October 7th 2002 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 464 pages | ISBN: 9781558782174 | 8.35 Mb

The Travellers Handbook - High Adventure in the Far Future!Traveller20 (T20) combines the popular d20 game mechanics with the most fully-realized science-fiction game setting ever - Marc Millers award-winning Traveller!Presented in a single volume, these rules allow you to go anywhere, do anything…Be who you want to be: T20 presents 16 character classes, from brash Ace Pilots to studious Academics- from tough Mercenaries to streetwise Merchants. Characters can develop a wide range of skills and feats, from Combat Engineering to Astrogation. They can even study the powers of the mind as a psionic adept!Go where you like: Design worlds and whole star systems with the system generation rules- populate them with human and alien societies, animal life and natural hazards.

The rules cover technology levels, social organization and the unpleasant consequences of hazards like vacuum exposure or radiation burns.Meet Interesting People: Strange aliens and stranger humans are detailed as player and NPC races. Racial stats are presented, along with typical motivations and psychology for the various alien species.

Aliens include the Vargr, Hivers, Wanderers and KKree, while the many human cultures include the Solomani, Vilani, Zhodani and Luriani people.Fight deadly foes: The T20 combat system scales between starships, vehicles and personnel. Blast ships or ground targets with lasers and meson guns- battle it out with guns, grenades and hand weapons. Don powered armor or activate a nuclear damper for defense. T20 covers weapons ranging from crude clubs to gauss rifles and laser carbines, and even vehicle-mounted fusion guns.Travel in style: Design, buy and operate a range of vehicles from steam locomotives to attack speeders.

Trade among the stars aboard a Subsidized Merchant or captain a million-ton dreadnaught.And theres more: The T20 system allows any style of science-fiction adventure to be created. The whole range of human (and alien) activities are covered: speculative trade, starship combat, carousing in starport taverns… if adventurers do it, its in here. The Travellers handbook also contains guidance on setting up and running a T20 game, awarding experience, and tailoring the campaign to the needs of the players.

It also presents an introduction to the Official Traveller Universe, which will be detailed in forthcoming releases from QuikLink Interactive!

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